What my clients are saying:

John Anderson

“Kara was a huge help. She literally unblocked my writers block – helped me write more, write faster, write more clearly and succinctly.  She also helped me form communication habits that I use every day, from small meetings to large group speeches. Her style matched my needs: flexible, but also highly prepared and structured to drive retention though simulations and practice. If you can get her, I strongly recommend getting time with her.”

– John Anderson, Director of Product Management and Head of Payments at Facebook

Himanshu Gupta

“Kara was my communication coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She started by providing a 360-degree assessment of my communication style and worked in a step-by-step manner to hone all aspects of my communication style — delivery, speech, tone, modulation, and even pace. Her coaching is highly personalized, flexible, and creatively effective. She always goes an extra mile for you in terms of rigor and involvement until the desired improvements are seen. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to hone the inner leader inside you.”

-Himanshu Gupta, Office of Al Gore | Forbes 30 Under 30

Alice Hudson

“My time with Kara dramatically surpassed my expectations. She developed creative ways to help me work on specific areas of improvement, gave me useful tips and feedback and the opportunity to practice until I was able to implement them, and was incredibly supportive throughout the process. I considered myself a strong communicator before working with Kara, and still I noticed real improvements after only a few sessions. Her input has been invaluable and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her!”

– Alice Hudson, Associate at McKinsey & Company

Abhishek Gupta

“Although I am no writer, I love to write. On a friend’s suggestion I decided to work with a writing coach and serendipitously discovered Kara. I found Kara to be not only highly competent but also very caring. Within two sessions she helped me understand my writing voice, become more effective with its use, and develop a more persuasive writing style. I feel I made more progress with my writing in two months than I did in previous ​two years. I highly recommend Kara to anyone who is serious about taking their writing to the next level.”

–Abhishek Gupta, Engineering Manager at Apple

Fabian Schvartzman

“I worked with Kara for almost 6 months. Since I started working with her, I have noticed a significant improvement in my English. I minimized the use of filler words, became more concise, and integrated very useful frameworks for impromptu speaking. Working in a competitive field as a new arrival to the US isn’t easy. Kara’s help with my communication and leadership was definitely an important factor in my smooth integration.”

–Fabian Schvartzman, Research Platform Coordinator at AeroFarms

Luci Fonseca

“It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Kara to improve my communication habits. I have had nearly a dozen one-on-one and several group sessions with Kara, and can say that she is incredibly helpful at coming up with great exercises for tackling some of my communication insecurities. She is friendly, conscientious, always prepared, and always follows up with great resources for continuing the learning process. Kara has gone above and beyond to help me improve my impromptu speaking, comfort level with speaking in public, reducing filler words, tone modulation, email communication, and relying on a frame to ensure that I am making effective contributions in meetings. Thanks so much for your support, Kara!”

–Luci Fonseca, Associate at McKinsey & Company

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Owl Insights
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Stanford Graduate School of Business
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