My coaching philosophy is simple:

My coaching philosophy is simple:

You’re most effective when you’re comfortable, confident, and authentic.

I’ll help you maximize your impact, flexibility, and memorability through group trainings and 1:1 communication and leadership coaching.

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“Kara was a huge help. She literally unblocked my writers block – helped me write more, write faster, write more clearly and succinctly. She also helped me form communication habits that I use every day, from small meetings to large group speeches. Her style matched my needs: flexible, but also highly prepared and structured to drive retention though simulations and practice. If you can get her, I strongly recommend getting time with her.”
– John Anderson, Director of Product Management and Head of Payments at Facebook

“My time with Kara dramatically surpassed my expectations. She developed creative ways to help me work on specific areas of improvement, gave me useful tips and feedback and the opportunity to practice until I was able to implement them, and was incredibly supportive throughout the process. I considered myself a strong communicator before working with Kara, and still I noticed real improvements after only a few sessions. Her input has been invaluable and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her!”
– Alice Hudson, Associate at McKinsey & Company

“Although I am no writer, I love to write. On a friend's suggestion I decided to work with a writing coach and serendipitously discovered Kara. I found Kara to be not only highly competent but also very caring. Within two sessions she helped me understand my writing voice, become more effective with its use, and develop a more persuasive writing style. I feel I made more progress with my writing ​in two months than I did in previous ​two years. I highly recommend Kara to anyone who is serious about taking their writing to the next level.”
–Abhishek Gupta, Engineering Manager at Apple

I've worked with leaders from:

Unity 3D
Owl Insights
Indus Capital
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
San Jose State University
Columbia University