About Kara

About Kara

A little bit about me:

Before I ever became a coach, I became a storyteller.

I’m a fiction writer by education, by instinct, and by trade. After earning my MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University and starting to publish my work, I found that I was at my best helping others tell their most impactful stories. I received a TEFL certification in 2003, then taught fiction writing and argumentation at Columbia and San Jose State Universities. As a professor, I realized I was able to add the most value not only by coaching content development, but also by honing presentation style and delivery, maximizing written and oral concision, and troubleshooting strategies for high-stakes storytelling. These approaches are still the foundation of my coaching approach.

I began my coaching career at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where I’ve served as a communication coach since 2010. Since then, I have helped hundreds of Bay area tech, business, and design leaders reach their communication and leadership goals. Whether it’s delivering a persuasive keynote or becoming more persuasive in your day-to-day, making an investor pitch or becoming a faster writer, I’m committed to empowering you to deliver your message authentically and effectively so that you can make your greatest impact.

My areas of expertise:

• Impromptu speaking and presentation/keynote skills
• Content development and storytelling
• Leadership and presence development

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